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KOICHA – Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha


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    KOICHA Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha is an embodiment of luxury and the finest offering in the realm of Japanese green teas. This matcha, is meticulously hand-picked and stone-ground to create a powder of unparalleled fineness and vibrant emerald green hue. The premium grade reflects the topmost quality of tea leaves, selected exclusively from the first flush harvest. When whisked, it yields an intensely rich, velvety brew, full-bodied in taste, with a sweet undertone and deep umami flavour. This is “Koicha” or “thick tea,” renowned for its use in the most formal Japanese tea ceremonies. KOICHA Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha is more than just a tea; it’s an experience that soothes your mind, calms your senses, and takes you on a serene journey through centuries-old tea tradition. Encapsulated in a beautifully crafted, airtight resealable bag for optimum freshness, this matcha represents the epitome of purity, tranquility, and a respect for the art of tea-making.

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