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USUCHA – Ceremonial Grade Matcha


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USUCHA Matcha – Ceremonial Grade is a premium green tea powder that embodies the very soul of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Originating from lush tea fields, this ceremonial grade Matcha is meticulously curated for its delicate, nuanced flavour and velvety texture. Its vibrant, jade-green colour and unique umami flavour make for an exquisite tea experience. As the powder dissolves, it releases a subtly sweet, grassy aroma that enhances the anticipation of every sip. Ideal for whisking into a frothy, hot tea, USUCHA Matcha Ceremonial Grade provides a moment of tranquility and mindful meditation with every cup. The purity of its flavour reflects the care and respect we invest in every stage of its production, from handpicking the finest tea leaves to a meticulous stone-grinding process. Encased in an airtight resealable bag to retain its freshness and vibrant green hue, USUCHA Matcha – Ceremonial Grade invites you to indulge in the timeless art of Japanese tea appreciation.

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